Historically, website translation projects are challenging... especially with a lean IT team.

Thankfully, today’s advanced technology solutions make it simple to oversee complex website translation projects in a way that’s cost-effective, flexible and easily scalable as your global business grows.

This e-book answers key questions to make your IT team’s work easier, including:

  • How do your translation needs factor into choosing translation technology?
  • What benefits and pitfalls do you need to know about as you compare solutions?
  • How do different translation technologies impact back-end systems, CMSs and platform changes?
  • What is the best way to translate multichannel content like social media, payment platforms and third-party apps?
  • Who manages the workflows to funnel new content to and from translators?

Choosing an advanced, flexible, adaptable translation solution makes it simple to serve global markets without draining IT resources.

Descargue este libro electrónico que aborda:

  • Key questions to ask as you evaluate your translation needs
  • Pros and cons of common translation approaches—and why one approach vastly outclasses others
  • How great translation solutions successfully handle your IT needs, both now and during future business growth

Remember: Today’s advanced translation approaches are easy to use in practice, budget-friendly, and robust in ensuring a great customer experience for global users.

Descargar el libro electrónico


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