Translation API

The localization of any digital content in any language

Connect devices and publishing platforms to MotionPoint's professional localization services using our translation API. Localize all your content across all channels and assets.

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Get high-quality translation for all your multichannel needs

Delivers personalized experiences for your multilingual customers on mobile, multichannel, and offline content. With MotionPoint's API, you can streamline all the customer's marketing journey.

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An automated translation solution for multichannel marketing

MotionPoint's translation API allows teams to streamline the multilingual customer experience across all digital channels. Deliver high-quality, in-language experience quickly and efficiently.

Customizable Translation Integration

Use our translation API to translate mobile apps, PIMs, complex portals, and marketing automation software. Gain the ability to achieve brand consistency across all languages and channels.

Certified Translation Team Access

Automated the translation workflow by connecting to our professional linguists, who deliver high-quality translations, that can be repurposed for omnichannel assets and experience.

Tecnología de mantenimiento reducido

Nuestra API no exige un gran esfuerzo ni supervisión constante. Nos ocupamos del mantenimiento continuo y de las actualizaciones en nuestro extremo de la API y su tecnología de apoyo.

Translate multiple data formats across all languages and platforms

Our translation API supports many file types for localization, whether it is translating software, mobile apps, graphics, or standard translation file formats.

Translation of Text Files

Our API technology can translate plain and popular text file types such as XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF), HTML, JavaScript, JSON, SubRip Subtitle (SRT), Resource Executor (RESX), and more.

Translation of Mobile Apps

Our API supports file formats such as Android XML and Apple iOS .strings in web, native, or hybrid mobile apps. Expand your customer reach by having a significant competitive advantage in users' smartphones.

Translation of Graphics

MotionPoint translation technology works with the most popular image file format such as JPEG, PNG, and GIF. Send and receive a replica of your source image localized into your target language.

Try MotionPoint’s translation API integration

El entorno sandbox de la API de MotionPoint permite que los programadores hagan pruebas de envío y recuperación de contenido para su traducción. Become familiar with generating translation requests without creating any real translation orders.

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Want to learn more about the translation and localization industry? Check out our resource section and become an expert on all things related to a great multilingual experience.

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