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El nuevo libro electrónico de MotionPoint desmitifica este próspero mercado asiático y da consejos sobre cómo ofrecer servicios de forma inteligente a sus consumidores hiperconectados.

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30 de noviembre de 2016


For years, South Korea has represented a thriving global market—one that Western companies should consider serving, especially online.

It’s a perfect storm of opportunity: South Korea is Asia’s fourth-largest economy by GDP, it’s highly industrialized, and its economy has grown annually by an average of 7% for almost 50 years straight.

Its high-speed Internet and smartphone penetration rates are also through the roof, making this hyper-connected market online-fluent and ripe for engagement.

But is your company fluent in the South Korean market, and how to serve its customers? These days, launching translated websites and highly-localized content and promotions is easier than ever. And due to the way retailers price products there, Korean consumers are crazy to buy from Western websites-particularly American ones. They save lots of money that way!

Learn more about the powerful opportunity the Korean represents … and how to capitalize on a shopping phenomenon called jikgu … in our latest free e-book, Market Close-Up: South Korea.

In it, you'll gain exclusive insights into the market, and why serving them with bargains on mobile-friendly online experiences is a key component to success. Koreans of nearly age are smartphone- and web-savvy; reaching them online is easier and more affordable than ever.

Companies that embrace language translation, and resonant localizations—including marketing, product availability and sales events—can see great success in highly-engaged international markets like South Korea.

Learn more in our latest e-book. It’s free:

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