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Ejecutivos de MotionPoint abordan los retos del marketing móvil

Se destaca a nuestro vicepresidente sénior de Atención al Cliente como experto en la materia en un artículo de Destination CRM.

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02 de febrero de 2016


Companies expanding into emerging markets are embracing a “mobile-first” approach for engaging local consumers—but some persistent obstacles are preventing them from easily connecting with consumers, according to a recent story in Destination CRM.

Charles Whiteman, MotionPoint's SVP of Client Services, was one of several subject matter experts quoted in the article. As Whiteman points out, some of the challenges companies face also exist in the U.S. market. Looking to domestic best practices might help organizations connect with global customers.

Take responsive design, Whiteman said. Embracing this progressive website design ethos can eliminate expensive iteration and development. "You won't win if you're trying to develop a unique experience for each type of device," Whiteman suggested.

Read the full story at Destination CRM.

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