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Aprenda cómo atraer a usuarios de smartphones globales

Nuestro nuevo libro electrónico desvela el trayecto móvil para la expansión global.

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22 de julio de 2016


Global smartphone adoption continues to skyrocket, which is providing golden opportunities for companies to expand into new international markets—and engage new consumers on their devices of choice.

The opportunity is real: by this time next year, one-third of the world's consumers will own a smartphone. Smartphone penetration in South Korea is already over 80%. Mobile e-commerce sales are outpacing traditional e-commerce by three-to-one.

We’ve been watching trends in mobile adoption for years, and are proud to share some of our insights in our latest installment in our four-part Trendbook series. This e-book’s insights hail from authoritative research, exclusive data and exhaustive analysis.

Download our new free e-book to discover the critical importance of engaging mobile users as your company expands to new global markets:

Watch for the conclusion to our Trendbook series in the upcoming weeks!

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