06 de abril de 2009

Internet Retailer - Las ventas de BestBuy.com han subido, demostrando el valor de aplicar nuevas ideas


En medio de los nubarrones, las ventas de BestBuy.com han subido, demostrando el valor de aplicar nuevas ideas y cuidar los detalles

Por Paul Demery

The fourth quarter holiday shopping season is make or break time for retailers, and for Best Buy Co. Inc. the 2008 holiday season brought an extra dose of good cheer-for the company's e-commerce operations. Mientras las ventas en tiendas de la compañía bajaron 6.6% para el mes fiscal terminado el 3 de enero de 2009, las ventas en línea aumentaron repentinamente un 34% en comparación al mismo periodo del año anterior.

But the good news for the retailer's web business didn't stop with the rise in online sales. Throughout November and December, typically the busiest and most difficult time to keep customers happy, customer satisfaction scores rose 24% over the prior year's holiday season, while the number of customer complaints declined.

¿Cómo Best Buy logró esto? With a large dose of retailing fundamentals mixed in with a steady stream of new-age ideas aimed at better connecting with web-savvy consumers, John Thompson, senior vice president and general manager of BestBuy.com, said in a recent interview with Internet Retailer at the company's headquarters outside of Minneapolis in Richfield, Minn.

Destacarse en la Web

"The retailers who win will be the ones that offer a point of differentiation and can stand out on the Internet," he says. "A few years ago, the proof point for our brand was in the store with our Blue Shirt sales staff. Today it's out there on the web. People are touching our brand first on the Internet."
El considerable impulso de las ventas navideñas en línea proviene de dos fuentes, dice Thompson: mejoras en la operación básica del sitio web e innovaciones que llevaron a ventas y tráfico adicional.

Primero, los fundamentos, Justo antes que comenzara la temporada de compras navideñas de 2008, Best Buy completó un proyecto de varios años con Sterling Commerce para mejorar su sistema de administración de inventarios, permitiendo a los compradores hacer pedidos en línea tarde en la temporada, para entregar a tiempo en Navidad.
And thanks to other upgrades and routine maintenance of BestBuy.com’s web server infrastructure and risk management system for handling online payments, it was able to virtually eliminate site outages while maintaining fast order processing during peak periods.

Recompensa sorprendente

"Having no site outages made a huge difference," says Lisa Smith, vice president of customer care. The surprising reward, she adds, was a 15% drop in the number of customer complaint calls and e-mails into Best Buy's contact centers on the always-hectic Friday after Thanksgiving compared to the same day a year earlier.

In addition, Best Buy improved online search and navigation on BestBuy.com. "We cleaned up the product detail pages," Thompson says.
Also fundamental to Best Buy's overall strategy, however, is the passion it instills in both its employees and its technology partners to develop new and effective ways to connect with consumers online as well as in new web-enabled ways in the company's more than 900 U.S. stores, Thompson says. El minorista aún conserva un antropólogo y rutinariamente trabaja con grupos de consumidores, tanto en sus casas como en las instalaciones de Best Buy, para estudiar como los consumidores están cambiando sus hábitos de compra.

Cultura de ideas

Best Buy ha aprendido de los niños de escuela nuevos términos que usan en la búsqueda de productos, llevando a páginas de BestBuy.com mejor optimizadas para los motores de búsqueda de Internet. It also has learned how to recognize certain behaviors in online shoppers, such as interest in complex products, that make them good candidates for buying services from the company's technical services team on GeekSquad.com.

Best Buy está personalizando aquel sitio, permitiendo a los clientes escoger agentes particulares después de ver sus perfiles, incluyendo sus áreas de especialidad y sus calificaciones por otros clientes.

The brand-building environment at Best Buy, which has more than $40 billion in total annual revenue, is rooted inside the four color-coordinated glassy buildings that make up the retailer's corporate campus, where a mall connecting the buildings features everything from a day care center, an exercise room and a retail gift shop, to numerous meeting rooms, lounges and plenty of opportunities to perk up with Caribou coffee. With employees constantly moving about, it's an environment designed to foster ideas and teamwork.

Realmente, los empleados se alientan para iniciar mejoras. In a move to leverage the power of the Internet to engage consumers, Best Buy has dedicated 10 customer service agents to contribute to Twitter pages and constantly monitor blogs for mentions of the retailer's brand.

In one incident this year, the host of Noobie.com, a popular consumer electronics blog, lambasted Best Buy for breaking his young son's heart on Valentine's Day by failing to deliver a stuffed penguin as promised with a DVD of the children's film Madagascar. Luego de descubrir esta publicación, un agente de servicio al cliente de Best Buy se comunicó con el bloguero y ofreció ayuda. El agente localizó dos de los pingüinos y se los envió sin cargo.

El bloguero, Patric Welch, relató la historia de los pingüinos perdidos en Noobie.com y cómo el agente de servicio al cliente de Best Buy resolvió la situación. Como resultado, dice Smith, Best Buy ganó una valiosa promoción en un blog frecuentado por consumidores que pueden estar buscando información del tipo de productos que Best Buy vende.

Welch’s Feb. 24 blog posting attracted more than a dozen positive comments within a week from Noobie.com visitors, including one who said he hadn’t cared for shopping in Best Buy stores but now had a more friendly and positive image of the retailer.

Política de español integral

Best Buy también está llegando a los consumidores a través de la cultura. En el otoño de 2007, lanzó Espanol.BestBuy.com, la versión en español de BestBuy.com. "We're the only big box retailer with an e-commerce site fully translated into Spanish," says Christine Webster Moore, who oversees the site as vice president of business initiatives.

Además, dijo, Best Buy tiene una estrategia integral de servicio al cliente para captar a los consumidores hispanohablantes a través de las tiendas y los centros de contacto, así como en línea. También ha trabajado con la compañía de traducción de sitios MotionPoint, de manera tal que la información de nuevos productos de suministradores se traduce completamente a español antes de aparecer en la Web. En cerca de 370 tiendas Best Buy frecuentadas por consumidores hispanohablantes, el minorista ha instalado letreros en español promoviendo el sitio de comercio electrónico.

El esfuerzo ha resultado en lealtad del consumidor, dice Moore. Los consumidores individuales gastan más tiempo y dinero en el sitio en español que en la versión en inglés, dice.

Por todo su éxito, los observadores dicen que hay áreas donde Best Buy necesita mejoras. Paula Rosenblum, directora administrativa de la firma de investigación y consultoría Retail Systems Research LLC, dice que Best Buy puede hacer un mejor trabajo de comercialización y mercadeo en canales cruzados.

"Best Buy has gotten way too complicated in its pricing structure, which can make it hard to shop both online and in stores," she says. "There are 'Store Only' specials advertised on BestBuy.com, for example, that are hard to find in the store."

Con múltiples puntos de acceso para los consumidores, el comercio minorista multicanales, puede ser desordenado, pero continuará evolucionando en Best Buy, dijo una vocera.

Una plataforma de comercio electrónico mejorada debe ayudar. Best Buy has been operating for several years on a highly customized version of Art Technology Group Inc.'s ATG Commerce Suite, and is upgrading to the latest version this year. Among the major advantages, says ATG product manager Kelly O'Neil, Best Buy merchandisers will be able to quickly create new merchandise displays and pricing without having to go through the retailer's I.T. department.

The latest platform also supports stronger integration with contact centers, so that agents can help shoppers while looking at the same e-commerce page a customer is on, O’Neil adds.

Shari Ballard, the executive vice president who oversees all of Best Buy's U.S. retail operations, has challenged each channel to display merchandise in ways that fit how consumers shop. "We need to make sure we don't get locked into a box in how we present products," Thompson says.

Esto puede incluir áreas dirigidas del sitio web, por ejemplo. "In vacation season, we may let customers shop for cameras, batteries and other products in a vacation section," Thompson adds.

Nuevas conexiones

Best Buy también está probando otras ideas nuevas. With 35% of online shoppers using Best Buy's in-store pickup service, the retailer is testing curb-side pickup so customers don't have to leave their cars. It's also experimenting with mobile commerce at m.BestBuy.com, and it will be developing ties between sales of digital music players and its 2008 acquisition of online music retailer Napster Inc.

As the company heads into the second half of 2009, with president and chief operating officer Brian Dunn-who started with Best Buy as a store associate in 1985-slated to succeed Brad Anderson as CEO in June, observers can expect the retailer to continue its longstanding policy of generating new ideas from within. Dunn está enfocado particularmente en lo que denomina el mundo conectado del comercio minorista.

Una de las innovaciones con las que Thompson está particularmente entusiasmado es en el campo de nuevas formas de conectarse con los consumidores. It's called Best Buy Remix, and it allows outside web developers to reach into Best Buy's product catalog for data they can present on their own web sites. In technical terms, Best Buy is exposing its application programming interfaces to these external developers in hopes they will develop new ways to let consumers interact with BestBuy.com's product information and images.

Un ejemplo es un proyecto con la firma de desarrollo Web Ribbit que conecta el catálogo de productos BestBuy.com a un sitio web de terceros, ConsumersPrice.com, donde los compradores pueden solicitar alertas cuando productos particulares de Best Buy estén disponibles a un determinado precio.

"This is getting to new and fundamental ways we'll do business within the next few years," Thompson says. It's part of Best Buy adapting to what Thompson refers to as the semantic web, a more flexible Internet where shoppers will access the product information they want without having to jump among multiple pages.

If that information shows up on web pages that are not part of BestBuy.com, that's not a problem for the retailer. Para continuar trayendo alegrías a través del comercio electrónico, los ejecutivos de Best Buy saben que tendrán que seguir a sus clientes. "We have to be relevant to customers wherever they choose to touch our brand," Thompson says.


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