21 de marzo de 2006

La Ciudad de Hollywood, Florida, lleva su esencia cosmopolita a Internet con el lanzamiento de su sitio web en varios idiomas


Recognized leader in digital government partners with local company MotionPoint Corporation to reach its ethnically diverse population

HOLLYWOOD, FL and COCONUT CREEK, FL (March 21, 2006) - As part of its continuing effort to meet the needs of its large and growing Spanish and French-speaking population, the City of Hollywood, Florida, announced today the launch of a complete Spanish-language and French-language version of its award-winning government website. The translated versions of the site can be accessed by clicking the “Español” and “Français” tabs on the city’s homepage, www.hollywoodfl.org.

Hollywood is widely recognized as a leader in providing online governmental resources. On the city's site, visitors can apply for city jobs and building permits, and find current and frequently updated information concerning city activities and operations. They can also pay utility bills and traffic tickets. Providing these services online to residents is a major part of the city's ongoing efforts in providing high-quality, accessible "digital government."

Now, with Spanish- and French-language capability, these services are available to nearly all of the city’s population and visitors.

"Of our 140,000 residents, approximately 22 percent are Hispanic, and we also have a very significant French-speaking population living in or visiting our city," said John Barletta, the city's Chief Information Officer. "We want to demonstrate our belief that our Spanish-speaking and French-speaking residents and visitors are key contributors to our city's cultural and economic success."

The City of Hollywood quickly determined that building and maintaining a high-quality, translated site "in-house" would require a significant resource commitment, along with constant human monitoring, editing and translating. City leaders turned to MotionPoint Corporation's proprietary TransMotion® technology to deploy both Spanish-language and French-language websites, while meeting the high quality standards and tight budgetary constraints that often accompany governmental initiatives.

MotionPoint's software handles changes and updates seamlessly, without the need for involvement by the city's IT staff. "We don't even have to call them when we edit our English; the translated changes are virtually automatic and instantaneous," Barletta added.

"We're pleased to assist the City of Hollywood in providing this service to its Hispanic and French residents and visitors," said Will Fleming, CEO of MotionPoint. "The city's forward-thinking actions to meet the needs of its multi-lingual residents are great examples of inclusive, citizen-focused government."

About the City of Hollywood, Florida’s Web Site
Our mission for www.hollywoodfl.org is to maintain a world-wide presence for the City of Hollywood, Florida, and provide the public with quick and easy access to information about the City of Hollywood and its programs, projects and services. Our website is designed, programmed, maintained and hosted by the City of Hollywood Department of Information Technology.

Acerca de MotionPoint Corporation
MotionPoint Corporation is a technology company that provides retailers, government, e-commerce organizations and more with a range of multi-lingual consumer communication services for their online business operations. La firma brinda servicio a clientes nacionales e internacionales desde su oficina central en el sur del estado de Florida. For more information about MotionPoint and its TransMotion® technology, please visitwww.motionpoint.com.


Acerca de MotionPoint

Con MotionPoint, las marcas de talla mundial experimentan un crecimiento al atraer nuevos clientes y enriquecer su vida, en los mercados alrededor del mundo.

Además del servicio de traducción de sitios web más efectivo del mundo, la plataforma integral de MotionPoint combina tecnología innovadora, gran cantidad de datos, traducciones de primer nivel y una profunda experiencia de mercadeo internacional. El enfoque de MotionPoint garantiza calidad, seguridad y escalabilidad, necesarias para alcanzar el éxito en un mercado global cada vez más competitivo, tanto en línea como fuera de línea.


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